Union Victors

Established in 1947 in China Town, the oldest business center in Bangkok, Union Victors Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. Chavan Chaithiraphan, the former president.  Originally, we started our business as an importer of machine-made glassware and subsequently acted as an agent for machine-blown glass in the domestic market.  With such a long period of experience and expertise, we finally decided to make a big step forward by starting our own factory to produce soda-lime in hand-made and mouth-blown glass, which began operations in 1980.

As a manufacturer, we aim to produce high-quality hand-made glass to cater for our customers from medium to high end. We know what glass is and are fully aware that glass is a product whose value can be enhanced by design and quality control. Union Victors is thus strongly committed to product development in terms of creating trendy design coupled with technical advances to constantly improve our product line and ensure our customer satisfaction.

Define Product

Handmade glassware is an art form that requires boundless imagination and immense creativity on the part of the craftsman or the blower.  In this case, in transforming the liquid substance into a shape, the subsequent stages of reheating, firing and annealing, a particular design has to be followed.  Nevertheless, the final product maintains its own individuality, depending on such factors as the blower’s emotional control and free will.

Unleashed Creativity

Uncompromise Quality